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Brethren Church
This weeks message:

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The union of a man and a woman as husband and wife is the most precious union which can be experienced in this life. It was established and ordained by Almighty God at the very beginning of creation to be a blessing to both the man and woman, and to serve as the foundation of civilized society as a whole (Genesis 1:27-28; 2:18-25). The New Testament draws on this relationship to illustrate the relationship between Jesus Christ as the Bridegroom and the Church as the Bride of Christ (Ephesians 5:22-33). Because God places such a great importance upon marriage and has sanctified it above all other human relationships we desire to uphold marriage with the sanctity and honor it deserves. Therefore, the following policy shall be observed.

  1. This congregation believes that a wedding is a very special time to glorify God and to promote covenant love. We are glad you are interested in this kind of beautiful worship service. The service will be personalized for the couple with warmth and special joy.
  2. The congregation has very strong concerns regarding parental consent and guidance, especially with younger couples. The Pastor reserves the right to ask parents whether they are in agreement before a wedding is scheduled.
  3. The congregation supports the Pastor's right to require the completion of premarital counseling as a prerequisite to agreeing to perform a wedding. The couple should contact him prior to setting a wedding date.
  4. The congregation wishes to bestow the highest honor upon those approaching marriage in a thoroughly biblical way. If pregnancy is involved, the policy established places restrictions on the wedding.
  5. An "open church" wedding is reserved for couples where no continued immorality or pregnancy is involved. This enables the couple to include a general invitation to the members and friends of the church in the bulletin.
  6. In situations where continued immorality or pregnancy is involved a "closed church" wedding, where only family is invited, may be permitted.
  7. Pastors from other churches may be involved in the wedding with the approval of the Pastor of this church.
  8. The couple must contact the organist and/or pianist well in advance and work out any financial arrangements with him or her. Organists or pianists other than our church organist(s) and pianist(s) will need prior approval. Wedding music and guest organists and/or pianists will be discussed with the Pastor.
  9. No rice is permitted to be thrown in the church and no obscene or suggestive expressions may be put on the couple's car.
  10. No alcoholic beverages are permitted in the church building or on the grounds.
  11. No smoking is permitted in the church building.
  12. Candles may be used during the wedding with the approval of the Pastor. All candles and candle holders must have a protective plastic sheet under them to prevent damage to the carpet and furniture. This applies to "dripless" candles as well.
  13. Regular and special services of the church will have precedence, and all weddings and wedding rehearsals will be scheduled around them. Wedding times will also be scheduled to allow sufficient time to clean the church after the wedding in preparation for the next service.
  14. There is no building rental fee.
  15. All couples are required to pay $30.00 for the extra custodial work involved in cleaning the sanctuary and dressing areas. This fee will be in effect whether family members assist with clean up or not. This fee will be paid directly to the custodian doing the work.
  16. Couples are responsible for any and all damage to the church and its contents, whether real or personal property, resulting from the wedding.