Welcome to the Vicksburg Grace
Brethren Church 
This weeks message: "A Sacrifice: foreknown, foretold, for faith"

Tuesday Bible Brunch, every Tuesday at 10am in the Fellowship Room

October 28, 2021, Trunk or Treat 6 to 8pm at the church

October 31, 2021, Communion after the morning service

The Morning Worship Service is being broadcast on our VGBC YouTube Channel at 10am Sundays. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUXXzGJWGtt8T5Plilys6aA

Bible Studies

VGBC Tuesday Bible Brunch 10-19-2021

"The book of Daniel" 10-19-2021 The audio is cutting in and out again, it will be fixed for next week.

VGBC Tuesday Bible Brunch 10-12-2021

"The book of Daniel" 10-12-2021

VGBC Tuesday Bible Brunch 10-05-2021

"The book of Daniel" 10-05-2021

VGBC Tuesday Bible Brunch 09-28-2021

"The book of Daniel" 9-28-2021

VGBC Tuesday Bible Brunch 09-21-2021

"The book of Daniel" 09-21-2021

VGBC Tuesday Bible Brunch 09-14-2021

"The book of Daniel" 9-14-2021

What on earth am I here for ?
Survival Guide for the Next 4 Years 01-17-2021

Survival Guide for the Next 4 Years 01-17-2021

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